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wendy piatt

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I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new EP "No Place For A Woman”.

This project has been such a labor of love for me and it’s a tremendous privilege to have you here on my site. The world has changed so much over the last few years and it’s become even more apparent how we are all connected to each other and responsible to each other for our well-being. Every single one of these songs came from such a personal place and I’m hoping they speak to you in some way. I know my new ezine, "Rock Your World"will be fun for you to read, will give you fun and interesting ways to make a difference, and will help you feel connected to this growing global community.

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WENDY PIATT   To Rocking Your Life,

Wendy Piatt,
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Please introduce yourself below… Let’s get connected!
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my FREE awesome gifts:
  • My killer ezine
    "Rock Your World”
  • A FREE download of my
    new release "Break”
  • Instant access to
    purchase my new EP
    "No Place For A Woman”!
  • All upcoming news and
    information of events
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jessica krewson

  "Wendy is a gift to this world as her voice carries the idea of strength wrapped in love wrapped in sexiness…now who wouldn’t want that!? She has an awe about her that can’t really be explained but you feel it when you listen to her music or watch her perform. And on top of it all, she is such a giving spirit who just wants to provide a space to inspire, encourage and empower. I feel blessed to know Wendy and she has already filled my life with many smiles and a happy heart!”

Jessica Krewson, Graphic Designer

jon butcher

  "Okay, Wendy's hot, that's a given. What I didn't know was how cool she is as both a human being and artist with something to say. Hot-a-tude with attitude ."

Jon Butcher, Grammy-Nominated Artist

Moses Toth

  "I've collaborated with Wendy for over a decade now and her emergence from the chrysalis of burgeoning adolescent musicianship to the extraordinary singer-songwriter she is today is uncanny. It is been my great honor and privilege to work alongside and learn from her. The truth she communicates about herself in her music is raw, without defense... incorruptible."

Moses Toth, Producer/Songwriter, winner of "Best Songwriter & Best Artist at the Embassy Music Competition in Nashville”

Shelley Rosenberg

  "Wendy's music is deeply heartfelt. She is one of those artists that make you sit up and listen to her pain, irony and social comments."

Shelley Rosenberg, Songwriter

Robert Perkins

  "Where far too many singer songwriters leave you searching for a melody and beg you to hug them, Wendy gives us songs with hooks you'll remember and stories that make you want to lean in and say tell me more. Wendy is a breath of fresh air."

Robert Perkins, Drums

Marco Meneghin

  "Wendy Piatt is a new take on an old standard: the female singer songwriter. Rather than tell the typically tired stories of love lost and found (as is too often the case), Wendy has the humanity to tell the stories of those whose lives don't generally make it to the refrains of popular song. In "Shadow Son,"Wendy tells the heartbreaking story not of the soldier going off to war, but of his mother waiting bravely back home. The title track, "No Place For A Woman,"brings to light a woman's own inner-dialogue of her struggle to find her place in what she perceives as a world where her only value is in relation to a man. But lest you think it's all seriousness and introspection, Wendy also has fun on her debut release with songs like "Come To Mamma"and "Dirty Baby"that give her a chance to stretch out her sea-legs on the U.S.S. Rock. "No Place For A Woman"truly has something for everyone and will leave you waiting for the next release from this new singer-songwriter."

Marco Meneghin, Drums

Dino Meneghin

  In my career, I have been fortunate to work with a wide range of artists across a broad stylistic spectrum. Each of these brings their own unique take to the process of making and performing music. The one thing they all have in common, however, is the desire and the ability to communicate with every single person in a room. I often liken this to the difference between a theologian to a preacher- for one, the goal is the divination of truth, sought in solitude, for the other, the proclamation of it to as many as will listen. Wendy Piatt is a preacher, and from the second you first hear her voice, you will hear an artist who is speaking her truth directly to you. This is not navel-gazing self-indulgence- this is clap-your-hands, mmm-hmmm, I-hear-you music. Listen to Wendy tell you her honest truth and see if you don't feel something. I dare you.

Dino Meneghin, Musician/Producer


  "With the heart of a lion and the voice of a nightingale, Wendy Piatt's music reaches across boundaries of space and time to create a new sonic experience. As sounds that are both unearthly and profoundly familiar surround you, making their way into the deepest recesses of your cerebral cortex, you realize that Wendy Piatt is no ordinary artist, nay! She is a sorceress that practices her dark arts with voice alone, soothing you into an emotional lull only pluck out your heart before you notice the bloody, pulsing stump of your aorta lying lonely in your now empty thoracic cavity. Nice tunes...."

IlMarcosi, Italian Pop Sensation